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Personal Stuff

Billiard ball computer simulator
Requires Java. You can also find out what a billiard ball computer is.

My Netscape bookmarks

Home pages of my family and friends

Places to visit in Northern California

Some good places to eat in Northern California
(by no means exhaustive)

My home page at Caltech
where I went as an undergrad.

I also have a home page hosted by the Caltech Alumni Association.

Fun Stuff

[Route Markers] [Lincoln Highway] [AboutVia]
[Calvin and Hobbes] [Dilbert] [FoxTrot] [Garfield] [Kevin & Kell] [Non Sequitur]


[c|net News.com]
[Mercury News] [SF Gate]
[KCBS All News 74 - San Francisco] [WCBS Newsradio 880 - New York]

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